Meet the Photographers!

We are so happy you stopped by! Learn a little more about us below, and don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions! We both love meeting new people and creating memories that tell your unique story, with that being said, you’ve been warned: there’s a whole lotta personality below, and a lot of talk about food, lol!

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Nikki Prickett | Owner, Photog

I’m a firm believer that adventures are always a good idea. You may find me frequenting our local antique shops, organizing our home, or waiting patiently in line at Dough-hio donuts for a taste of one of my fav desserts, a close second to Reese Cups actually! I’m a self-proclaimed comedian....Oh, and I’m a bit of connoisseur of nachos. Need I continue?

Getting to know each client and their unique story is my fav part of the job. And I’m secretly super pumped when we all become friends! Board games and movies are my fav way to spend a rainy day (aside from playing in the rain, of course!). Boston cream fuels my love of donuts, and sunflowers make my heart happy! I’m also a HUGE football fan, I hope my team choices don’t ruin my chances of meeting you! 🤪 (Ohio State Buckeyes (also my alma mater!), and the Patriots!).

I can’t wait to meet you and work together. I’m sure we will spend our time together laughing, making memories, and telling your unique story. I value love, family, and your memories, and I am thrilled to be a part of it for everyone I work with!

- Nikki


Angelique Stroud | Associate Photog

I’m from Circleville, home of the pumpkin show, and I have the tattoos to prove it.
I love glitter, nachos, and the way furniture stores smell. I work as a banker full time and photography is my outlet to be my wild, colorful, off the chain self outside the office. I love photography because it lets people see and relive those split second moments of sparkly, cotton candy colored happiness that they normally don’t get to see from another person’s eyes :]